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CONSTITUTION                                                (Click here to print a copy of constitution)

Article I - Name and Affiliation

          This organization shall be known as the Rio Lindo Garden Club of Port St. Lucie, Florida.  It shall be associated in membership with the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.

Article II - Purpose

          The purpose of the organization shall be to stimulate an appreciation and knowledge of gardening and floral arrangement, to study and aid in the protection of native plants and wild life, and to encourage community beautification through all agencies.

Article III - Membership

Section 1          Membership shall be open to those who reside in the general Port St. Lucie area.

Section 3          Active members shall participate in all Club activities.

Section 4          Prospective members must join after attending two meetings.

Article IV - Officers and Elections

          The officers of this organization will consist of a President, a First Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer to be elected bi-yearly at the regularly scheduled March meeting.

Article V - Meetings

          There shall be a general meeting each fourth Monday of the month except June, July and August.  Meeting dates for the month of December, April and May will scheduled.

Article VI - Amendments

          The Constitution may be amended at any General Meeting by a two-thirds vote, provided notice of the proposed amendments was given at the previous meeting.


(Click here to print a copy of the By-Laws) 

Article 1 - Duties of Officers

Section 1          The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and at the meetings of the Executive Board, and shall appoint the chairmen of standing and special committees.  She shall be a member ex-officio of the standing and special committees, except of nominating committee.
                         The expense of the newly elected President and the newly elected First Vice President at the State Convention and District Meetings shall be defrayed by the Club to the extent that the Budget permits, and the membership authorized.  The President or the First Vice President shall give a full written report of the State Convention and the District Meetings and an itemized expense accounting to the Treasurer.

Section 2          The First Vice President shall assist the President and preside in her absence, and be responsible for the program and yearbook.  If the President is unable to fulfill her term of office, the First Vice President shall become President.

Section 3          The Second Vice President shall assist the President, with responsibilities including, but not limited to coordinating luncheons and fund raisers.

Section 4          The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of the Executive Board and the general meetings.  She shall keep a record of attendance at the Board meetings.

Section 5          The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Club.  The Corresponding Secretary shall fulfill the responsibilities of the Recording Secretary, in her absence.

Section 6          The Treasurer shall have charge of all monies to the the Club from whatever source they may be derived.  She shall deposit these funds in the name of the Rio Lindo Garden Club of Port St. Lucie, Florida, in such bank as the Executive Board shall direct.  All bills shall be approved by the Executive Board and shall be paid by check.  The Treasurer shall give a report at each Executive Board meeting and each general meeting of the Club, giving a copy of the report to both the President and the Recording Secretary.  The Treasurer shall receive from the Membership Chairman a list of new members and their addresses, and of members who have resigned.  Each May the Treasurer will update the membership list on The FFGC website and forward the appropriate dues to the State Treasurer and District Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall prepare the Club's year end financial report and distribute it to each member who is present at the May general meeting.  The Treasurer shall prepare the next fiscal year's proposed Budget, including estimated income and expense.  It will then be distributed during the May Executive Board meeting for recommendation, for Board approval and general membership approval.

Article II - Election of Officers

Section 1          Election of officers shall be at the March meeting in every odd year.

Section 2          The President shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of a Board Member and two (2) other members.  This committee shall prepare a single slate of candidates to be presented at the February meeting.

Section 3          Nomination may be made from the floor.  When there is but one candidate for office, the election may be made by acclamation.  If there is more than one candidate for any one office, the election shall be by written ballot and a majority vote shall elect.

Section 4          If any vacancy occurs during the term of office in any office except the Presidency or First Vice Presidency, it shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Board.  All officers, except the Treasurer, shall assume their office as of April after installation.

Article III - Executive Board

Section 1          The Executive Board, consisting of the elected officers, such chairmen as the membership deems necessary and the appointed Chaplain and Parliamentarian, shall meet once each month from September through May, and as required in the summer.  Special meetings may be called at the request of three (3) members of the Executive Board with notification of one (1) week prior.

Section 2          The May meeting of the Executive Board shall be open to the entire membership at which time written reports of officers and committees shall be read and placed on file.

Article IV - Standing Committees

           The Standing Committees shall be those which the President and the Executive Board deem advisable for the successful operation of the Club during the year.  Each committee is composed of a chairman appointed by the President and such other members as the chairman deems advisable.

Article V - Dues

Section 1          The fiscal year of this organization runs from June 1 to May 31, at which time the Treasurer's records shall be audited by one Board and one active member.

Section 2          Dues must be paid by April 30 to allow time for processing of the Treasurer's Report and the Club Yearbook.  Active members shall pay THIRTY DOLLARS ($30.00) per year.  From these dues, The Treasurer shall remit the appropriate amounts to the District and State organizations.

Article VI - Memorials

          In the event of the death of a Club member, a tree shall be planted on Arbor Day (January), in memory.  In the case of the death of a Club member's spouse, a remembrance shall be sent.

Article VII - Records

          The records of the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be kept for seven (7) years.  All correspondence shall be destroyed annually.

Article VIII - Amendments

          The By-Laws may be amended at any general meeting by a two-thirds vote provided notice of the proposed amendments was given at the previous meeting.

Article IX - Parliamentary Authority

          Robert's Rules of Order-Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary guide of the organization.

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